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The Direct TV software suite consists of our high definition player software, dynamic scheduler, intelligent content manager, and an interactive products database. The package delivers locally managed, completely dynamic, high definition digital signage across a variety of media platforms.

Direct TV’s patented player software works in real time, so it renders content to the screen 50 times/second, allowing it to be completely dynamic. The player software does not draw from a pre-rendered file, instead it uses clever coding and instructions from the scheduling software, which allows us to guarantee live, up to date data displays, that deliver extremely specific, customised and targeted messaging to the viewer.

To control the dynamic content Direct TV developed its patented Scheduler Software. The schedulers flexibility can be utilised to run specific advertisements, customised content, and current product information via a number of digital input sources. The scheduler randomly compiles a playlist assigning certain percentages to categories within a 24 hour period. The dynamic nature of the scheduling software allows particular input sources to adjust the playlist in real time, and vary content that gets displayed to the viewer.

Our Content Management Software allows Direct TV and its users to identify and manage assets required for the systems playlist. As the content is not pre rendered or pre scheduled it is necessary for the scheduler and player programs to have easy access to files to compile the assets. It also enables Direct TV software users with an easy tracking system for all digital assets and media, making all data easy to access.

For retail staff to drive and manage their own systems, Direct TV develop a smart, yet easy to use database. The products database is designed for staff in the field to add/remove products, advertising campaigns, and branding material. Products are identifiable by easy to view images, bar codes or PLU codes, and the system is driven by keyboard, mouse, or bar code scanner. Provisions include adding product ads, amending process, assigning start and end dates, adding supplier campaigns, adding store campaigns and, time and frequency allocation.  This allows the customer to monetise their Direct TV system by selling advertising space to major suppliers.

Since commercially released in 2005, Direct TV has been the pinnacle of Digital Signage solutions, and a dedicated team of professionals will continue to focus on ensuring Direct TV Software is unsurpassed by our competitors. Our team is attentive to new and innovative technologies in the market, and will incorporate these technologies to offer our customers the ultimate in digital signage software. Recent developments have resulted in Direct TV’s custom interfaces allowing us to interact with bar code scanners, RFID, GPS positioning, Gi Fi data transfer, Motion sensors, Temperature sensors and Facial recognition. Direct TV software will continue to evolve incorporating the last technologies available, offering endless applications to an abundance of industries worldwide.



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